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DeviceKit-disks plugin for gnome-sensors-appet has been released

November 21, 2009

There is now a release of gnome-sensors-applet with the DeviceKit-disks plugin that I wrote. Get it hot and fresh from here. A few things about the plugin, you need to be running DeviceKit-disks version 007 or greater, releases running the required version are Ubuntu 9.10 and Fedora 12, if you don’t have the required version of DeviceKit then the API is not one that the plugin recognises and so you will not get any sensor readings at all.

For the advantages, now you will not need to muck around with hddtemp any more, the process of getting the disk temperature readings is now just as simple as adding the applet and adding the required disk temperature readings from the provided list in the applet preferences. Using hddtemp necessitated installing hddtemp, adding it to the list of services to start at runtime and configuring it properly, so there certainly is an improvement there. 🙂

Testing and bug reports are most certainly welcome, especially since I can only test it with one hard drive.

Other details about the new gnome-sensors-applet release can be found here.

Edit:- Users of DeviceKit-disks versions less than 007 can get the same thing, but you will need to use an unreleased version of the plugin that was written by me for the older versions of DeviceKit, you can get it from gnome-sensors-applet git, and I can say that it should work properly too, but no guarantees on my part there unfortunately as I will be following the latest DeviceKit-disks releases only.


Hello world! (And planet)

November 20, 2009

My first ever blog post, so with that, I am now a part of the blogosphere. Here’s to my survival. 😛