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Screenshots of Reminder-ng

February 11, 2010

Well, I had a request to show some screenshots of the program in action, so here they are:-

Oh, you probably might think that the preferences dialog is the most barren preferences dialog ever, and you might be right. 😛

The reminder add dialog

The preferences dialog

The main window

The missed reminders dialog


Presenting Reminder-ng: A reminder application for GNOME

February 10, 2010

So I have been working on a new program, it’s called Reminder-ng(I hope to change the name to something better), it is a reminder application for GNOME which allows you to manage reminders, and alerts the user when they expire. I wrote this program since I had time on my hands, and I wanted to see how it would feel to start an open source project from scratch.

I had started writing this program a few months ago and although I haven’t been working on it full tilt, it does quite a bit already and should be stable enough for daily use. However, the program does miss a few things:-

1) Artwork:- I am not a very good artist, and haven’t had much time to make an icon for the program, so unfortunately the tray icon for the program consists of the refresh picture at the moment, not very accurate.

2) Translations:- This program has not yet been translated to any other language as of yet, so English is pretty much the only option at the moment.

3) Alerts:- For now, there is only one kind of alert(consisting of a notification and a sound clip), so I am hoping to expand this using a priority system in the near future.

4) Timezones:- You can only have the reminder within your local timezone, this might be a problem when you want to have a reminder for an IRC meeting.

About how it is written, the language is C and I am using GTK+ along with some standard C code(which I hope to “glibbify”), the coding style is in the same way as a standard GNOME application is written.

The current version is 0.2, you can get the source and binary packages here and the homepage is here, the source can be browsed here. Please note that the debs would only work on Ubuntu 9.10 or greater and that the rpms on Fedora 12 and greater. Patches, suggestions and bug reports are very much welcome. 🙂

Oh, and before you say it, yes, I could have hosted this on Launchpad, the only problem was that I wouldn’t be able to use git if I did, I know git is probably harder then bazaar, but I would like to get to know the hard one before trying the easy one especially since git is more popular than bazaar is. I am thinking of starting another project, which if I do start will be on Launchpad and bazaar, but that’s for another post. 🙂

And about the weird version number which I used for the first public release, it was because version 0.1 had some problems regarding Ubuntu support, and also because it lacked the ability to notify users about missed reminders(which I think is a pretty much “must have” feature). So I decided to skip one version and announce 0.2 as the first public release.